Christopher Walters began making his own movies when he was seven, had a public access show by the time he was ten and a profitable industrial-video production company when he was twelve. At the age of eighteen he moved from his home town in Canada, to New York City, where he became established as a cinematographer during the internet boom through directorial and photographic collaborations with and Warner Brothers online. Commercial mogul Bob Giraldi noticed this early, online work and decided to take Walters into his fold as a commercial cinematographer-in-training. Concurrently, Walters shot and edited over a dozen video projects at Dr Dre’s production company, for such artists as Fifty Cent, Snoop Dogg and Dre himself. Fifteen years into his career as a cinematographer, Walters has lensed hundreds of commercials and five feature films. He is partners in a production company, pirate/shark/dinosaur and is founder of a virtual-reality content endeavor, Time Traveler, LLC. In the spring of 2016 he will shoot a science fiction film for academy-award-nominated director, Sergei Bodrov. Walters is thirty-nine years old and lives in New York City.